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Instant Weather on YOUR Desktop
Download Weather Exchange
® (WxEx) FREE!

With live, real-time conditions!

The Only True LOCAL Data in ANY Desktop Weather Program.

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Here's What You Get
Live Real-Time Local Weather Conditions from Lexington, VA...And
    As Many Additional Locations as YOU Choose.
Current Five Day Forecast
Instant Weather Warnings
Local and National Radar and Satellite
Personal Alarms YOU Set to Announce Severe Weather
Maps: Jet Stream, Snowfall, Fronts and Much More!



What is Weather Exchange® (WxEx)?

WxEx provides real-time weather on your desktop. WxEx exceeds the capabilities of the WeatherBug® , Weather1®,®, AccuWeather® Desktop and other desktop products. The Weather Exchange provides more than the paid version of WeatherBug®. After one simple download you install the software on your PC, set the location to Lexington, Virginia and you'll have live weather on your desktop and in your tray whenever you need it!


What are some of the features?

1. It's free and easy to pop-up ads or spyware is installed on your PC!
2. Access to the world's largest FREE weather station network.
3. WxEx is the only desktop software program you can receive live data from the Mid-Atlantic
    weather station in Lexington, Virginia. Other software applications use out-of-area weather conditions  
    from Rockbridge County. Only WxEx gives you REAL data actually from Lexington/Rockbridge County

3. It is simple and uncluttered. This is for the true weather enthusiast!
4. More content then all of the other desktop weather applications. Dozens of maps, charts, satellite
    images and other graphics from the Mid-Atlantic to any other location in the world. You can set
    alarms for ANY weather condition you choose. WxEx is totally customized by YOU!
5. Use it for connecting to the Mid-Atlantic Weather Station in Lexington, VA and unlike other
   desktop weather applications...anywhere in the world!         


How Do I Install and Use Weather Exchange?
Click the link on the bottom of the page. Save the file to a directory of your choice. After the download is complete, double click on the file and it will automatically install. You may be asked to reboot your computer prior to running WxEx.

Click the new Weather Exchange icon on your desktop to start the program. To ingest our live weather:
You will be prompted to enter your city, state and Zip Code. Type Lexington, VA, 24450 in the boxes. Click Close.

VERY IMPORTANT! On the top of the Current Weather Conditions Page (Neighborhood Weather Live!) is a box "Select Station". To ingest Lexington information from Mid-Atlantic, the correct station is
Lexington: Mid-Atlantic, 2.73 miles [KVALEXIN1].

Please add as many additional weather stations as you choose! At the lower left of the Neighborhood Weather Live display you can enter the City and State for any location; it will immediately appear on WxEx! We recommend entering City, State rather than a Zip Code for best results. It's that easy!

Hint: to keep the Mid-Atlantic on top of your favorites display make it the last station to Add to Favorites.


Take advantage of all the features by clicking Window and displaying other data such as local or     national RADAR, satellite, temperatures, snow cover, location of jet streams, fronts and more!    Return to Mid-Atlantic's Lexington, VA Weather Station by clicking Neighborhood Weather Live (the third icon on the top left)!  There's loads of data available to you so look it over and have fun experimenting.


You can run WxEx in the background so your desktop remains uncluttered. Simply minimize the display and you'll still have the current temperature in your tray .
It will look like this:

Double click the temperature to minimize or maximize the program.
To close, select File, then Exit.

To uninstall, go to Add/Remove Programs in your Control Panel, select Weather Exchange.


Once installed you may need to instruct WxEx to display live real-time weather. To do so, open WxEx, then:
Click Setting, General Program Settings, select "Live" in the drop-down option box. Click Close.  Disregard if your previous setting was at specific intervals rather than real-time.

Known issues at this time:
If you have a firewall, you will need to give "Weather Exchange" permission to access the Internet.

Security: The Weather Exchange (WxEx) does not load or bundle any additional software onto your computer! Other programs will not run in the background while you are using WxEx. You have our assurance The Weather Exchange at no time will compromise your security, mine data from your computer or send any information from your computer. We use WxEx in our office and are proud to recommend to you!

Questions? Suggestion? Problems installing or running WxEx?
Email us HERE for free help and support!


Get your own FREE Weather Exchange
and plug into the Mid-Atlantic
Weather Station for live local content!

Download Weather Exchange HERE
(exe format, 15.0MB)

Current Version
Version 1.34
released July 27, 2011

Operating System Requirements
Windows NT/2000/2003/ME/XP/Vista/Windows7 (32 and 64)
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