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Wireless Weather Keeps You Informed When
You're On-The-Go!


  Get the latest local weather conditions from the Shenandoah Valley while you're on the GO with  "Wireless Weather" from Mid-Atlantic!

You can check the weather conditions from our weather station in Lexington, Virginia from a browser on your cell phone.

This is a great way to keep tabs on the Lexington/Shenandoah Valley area weather conditions while you're traveling or away from your computer. Wireless Weather from Mid-Atlantic updates every 5 minutes so you'll always be able to keep up-to-date.  

Here's how Wireless Weather should appear on your wireless device
  • Check the weather "back home" while you're on vacation or during a business trip.
  • Give the address to friends, associates or loved ones traveling to the area; they'll know what weather to expect before they arrive.
  • Traveling on area Interstates? Check here for local weather.
  • Concerned about flooding? You'll know how much rain is falling... updated every 5 minutes!
  • Severe weather security! If you lose your power and can't access the Internet from your PC, you still can get local weather information from your cell phone or PDA.

Here's the (wap) address to enter into your wireless device:

Save the address and you'll always have
near real-time weather information!

Wireless Weather...Another Exclusive from

Oh, Did We Mention...It's Free?
(airtime charges may apply)

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