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Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic comments and feedback section. We appreciate you visiting us and always welcome comments and suggestions.

Mid-Atlantic is the region's largest non-commercial weather site. We are located in
Lexington, Virginia, in the natural surroundings of the Shenandoah Valley.  Our masthead gives you a glimpse of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains that border our valley.


Where is your weather station located?

Our online weather station is located slightly north of Lexington, Virginia, in Rockbridge County. It has been operational since October, 1996. Station elevation is 1,089' above sea level.
Our weather station.

Is the Weather Exchange (WxEx) free?

Yes. In addition, there is no spyware or adware with WxEx and the application uses far less resources than similar programs.
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The local conditions are not right for my location!

Our database contains thousands of Zip Codes and it is uncommon to observe incorrect local conditions. If this is observed, please send us the Zip Code and incorrect location and w'll check it out for you. This can be done with the Feedback Form below.
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Is the Mid-Atlantic forecast always the same as the NWS?

No. Your forecast will be similar (sometimes exactly the same) to the NWS, however, forecasts on our site may vary slightly due to model interpretation. Any Warnings, Watches and Advisories on our site are verbatim from the NWS. We do not make up our own unique warnings.
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Where do the Mesomap temperatures come from?

Our unique local conditions map (Mesomap) renders a combination of NOAA weather reporting stations and Personal Weather Stations (PWS) we have judged to be reliable and accurate. Mid-Atlantic sends local conditions to Weather Underground and displays PWS data from select stations.


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